Wella SP ReVerse Trio Pack 200ml, 185ml, 150ml

Wella SP ReVerse Trio Pack 200ml, 185ml, 150ml

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Regenerating Shampoo 200ml: Gentle cleansing shampoo that restores damaged and stressed hair. Greatly improves softness and flexibility with the added benefit of anti-frizz protection.

Regenerating Spray Conditioner 185ml: Restores youthful elasticity, smoothness, softness and shine, an amazing detangler Delivers high anti-frizz protection and provides hair with light body with a healthy sheen Infused with vitamins A, E and F, plus the added benefits of Pathenol and Biotin

Regenerating Mask 150ml: With Vitamin Complex, out advanced regenerating mask restores dry, stressed hair, delivering improved smoothness and protection against breakage.

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